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Workshops 2014

Schedule 2014-2015

Date Course
October 12th 2014 A Further Day Reflexology in Cancer and Palliative Care
April 4th and 11th 2015 Reflexology in Cancer Care


  • Reflexology in Cancer Care

    To remove the fear and instil confidence in Reflexologists treating those who are living with cancer and their carers.

    This workshop is facilitated by people with extensive experience in treating people who are living with cancer and those who care for them. Carol Donnelly is a reflexologist who has been working for 17 years with clients living with cancer. She has spoken on this topic at different international reflexology events including Israel and Australia. Carol worked as a Reflexologist in ARC Cancer Support Centre for many years.

    Who can attend
    Qualified Reflexologists who wish to learn more about this specialised field.

    Course overview
    This workshop is professionally presented over 2 days. Over the years the content has moved with the needs of Reflexologists working in this field.
    Attendees can expect to receive

    • a set of detailed course notes,
    • information on cancer diagnosis and treatments,
    • awareness of the benefits of reflexology in relation to this cancer journey,
    • an understanding of the emotional impact of cancer on both client, family and therapist
    • information and suggestions on how to deal with this emotional impact
    • information on hospice and palliative care
    • new techniques for maximising benefits of reflexology for the client
    • an understanding of lymphoedema and lymphatic techniques
    • supervised practise of new techniques



    Dublin 2013/2014
    "It completed the wholeness for me"
    "I gained knowledge and education from theory; Excellent techniques from practical; confidence and self-awareness re: my role as a therapist and in relation to clients who are vulnerable"
    "More knowledge and information; lovely thoughts to take away"

    Dublin 2009
    "I gained confidence and the fear that I had is now gone."
    "I enjoyed it all very much. All 3 tutors delivered a good programme."

    Dublin 2008
    "A great atmosphere and a place you would love to be in every Saturday."
    "I gained great insight and knowledge about cancer and how people react. I now feel that I could comfortably deal with clients with cancer."

    Dublin 2007
    "So much information! It comes across very clearly. I realise I have a gift I can share with people who really need it."
    "A lot of information to take in but very interesting and the time flew by!"
    "The treatments are wonderful! I loved using them."

    Australian Tour Workshops - 2009

    Perth, Western Australia
    "Brilliant, fantastic, empowering and friendly"
    "The techniques are fantastic to receive and give...experiences great! The background understanding of the cancer journey was very helpful. Instantly useable."

    Sydney, New South Wales
    "A wonderful insight into working with cancer patients/ clients. Confidence to do it! It was a fantastic 2 days. So well organised."
    "A wealth of knowledge... clearly explained... extremely valuable. It was a pleasure to meet and listen to [Carol and Ursula] with their ability to convey their knowledge and wisdom"

    Melbourne, Victoria
    " were thorough with follow up questions. Enjoyed stories and humour. Nice relaxed flow all weekend. Very enjoyable."
    "Thrilled with the course."

  • A Further Day of Reflexology in Cancer and Palliative Care

    Additional information and updates particularly (but not exclusively) for those who have already attended the 2 day Cancer and Reflexology workshop. More information, further techniques and more to think about when working with those who are living and dying with cancer.

  • Reflexology for Pregnancy and Difficulties Conceiving

    This seminar and workshop will cover the stages of pregnancy: how a woman's body changes and baby develops, problems clients may have at these times and how reflexology can be of benefit. We will address issues surrounding sub-fertility. This 2 day seminar and workshop involves theory and practice of related techniques.

Venue for these courses: Essential Therapies, New Street Shopping Mall, New Street, Malahide, Co. Dublin


  • Enquire about taking Suaimhneas courses to your venue.

For information on and availability of these courses please contact Carol Donnelly (details below).

All named Suaimhneas Courses carry CPD Points.

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